The Social Link – Social Media Training

Hey there, it’s Maggie and I welcome you to The Social Link, the place where small business owners can learn a simple, easy step-by-step system using social media to grow their businesses.

I love social media and I love helping people so with those two things together gave me the passion to create The Social Link.

I have over 25 years experience in theatre production, television, print media and over 8 years of sales and marketing experience. My background is in theatre, television news, real estate sales and social media.

As a self-employed entrepreneur I have developed my own branding, a variety of media marketing campaigns, sales strategies, research, writing, event planning, and digital marketing plans. Combined with my public and media relations experience I have a unique blend of knowledge to help develop effective strategies so you or your business can be found and discovered.

If you are a small business owner, have a retail or online business, run a home-based direct sales business, or a business professional such as a financial advisor, mortgage broker, realtor, actor, or a community theatre, arts group, not-for-profit organization, farmers’ market, or service club then you can benefit from my Facebook training program.

Over time I learned how to use Facebook for business. I experienced the trial and errors running my own business so I created a Facebook business plan and strategy for you. If you wear many hats running your business and time is precious, then learn my simple, easy step-by-step system to see results. This could be the right solution for you.

So, let me be your social media coach to help you learn what you need to know to attract, engage and do business with your target market through social media.

You can find more about The Social Link by visiting my website www.thesociallink.ca.
Or contact me directly maggie@thesociallink.ca or 519-301-6771. Maggie Whitcroft, Founder of The Social Link.



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