9 Easy Tips On How To Get More Facebook Likes


Let’s face it there is a lot to know about using Facebook for business.

I’ve put together these 9 easy tips for you to get more Facebook fans on your page.

If you are just starting with a business Facebook page or you are finding it’s just not working well enough for you then use this checklist to get on track.

1 Fully optimize your Facebook page

Every section of your Facebook page should include content that is relevant, helpful and is also searchable. All the content on your page will be indexed by search engines to help to attract more fans to your page.

2 Include a Facebook button on your website

If you have a website or a blog ensure that you have a Facebook button that sends them to your page. This allows those users to follow you on your social media too.

3 Invite your existing contacts to like your page

Send out an invite to your Facebook friends and also to those on your email list. Ask them to kindly like your Facebook page and remind them of the benefit to do so. To get updates about promotions, important dates or your business information. Make sure your employees and colleagues like your page too.

4 Promote your Facebook page offline

If you have a physical store front or office use your front window to display a Facebook sticker so those window shoppers or people walking by know you use social media.

5 Marketing offline

If you use offline marketing like print or radio ensure that you include your Facebook icon or mention to tell those potential customers that you have a business Facebook page.


6 Cross promote

Don’t forget to cross promote on your other social media platforms that you have a Facebook page – twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

7 Post Valuable Content

Remember to write compelling content to attract and keep your fans. It’s all about long term relationships on social media. You want to have your posts liked and shared so you can be found by new fans.

8 Post often

You have to keep in front of your fans with an ongoing presence to build up your fan base. So post regularly.

9 Use Facebook ads

Grow your network using Facebook ads. If you have budget for it boost a post or use a targeted ad.


If you don’t have a Facebook fan page yet, you should consider creating one. It’s one of the main ways I’m growing The Social Link. It can seem overwhelming to know where to begin but with my easy step-by-step system I can teach you how to manage your Facebook page to get results.

Why wait! Start following the above steps and you’ll see more real fans on your page.

And follow me too!



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