Why Not-For-Profits Should Be Using Social Media

Facebook Marketing Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

Since starting The Social Link in March of this year I have been working with small business clients helping them achieve their social media goals.

But another group that needs to pay attention to marketing strategies though social channels is non-profit organizations.

There are several reasons why they need this type of exposure and mainly it is to secure funding.

Not-for-profit organizations have donors and volunteers but how do you fifacebook-launches-non-profit-resource-center-281150a8e3ne tune your marketing approach to find new recruits and gain wider coverage for your cause? How can you get enough attention to achieve your goals?

Social media marketing is the solution. This approach to marketing has a lower cost and enables organizations to connect with potential volunteers, sponsor, donors, etc. on a much wider scale.

There are several social media channels to focus on but Facebook marketing for non-profits is an ideal channel to use. There are certain aspects of Facebook that can work well for your purpose:

  • Making it easy for ambassadors of your group to share your vision within your community
  • Showcasing your efforts – the reason behind your goal, the people you help, and the change you want to make in your community
  • Building a vibrant online support community, which leads to increased credibility and trust

The Social Link can help your organization realize their goals and need for a social media strategy and help enable you to expand your reach, build more advocates, find volunteers, find sponsors and secure funding from donations or strengthen grant applications. Understanding the best way to use the platform will allow you to reach your overall objective and spread awareness about your cause or group.

So if you want to find out how The Social Link can help your not-for-profit organization please visit http://www.thesociallink.wix.com/digital-society

Maggie Whitcroft

The Social Link


mobile 519-301-6771


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