are youAs you might have read in the About Me part of my website I created The Social Link because I am passionate about how social media works.

Through my delving into the cyber world and figuring out how to market my own real estate business I came to a point where I was helping others do what I love.

I’m sure my friends and colleagues feel I am addicted to the internet as I rhyme off the stats of my latest most successful post or lament on what I thought was a brilliant post that received little attention.

But one thing I realize is that social media marketing works and people love their social media.

With all that I came to realize there are a lot of small businesses that don’t yet have a facebook business page or are not utilizing it well.

Take a look around my website or on my facebook page or on my twitter account to see what I can do for you. What I really really really want is for you to know that I want to help you figure it out. Even if you don’t have a business and would like some help figuring out how to use your personal facebook page or other social media, I am here to help.

I’m going to be writing more blogs giving you information on how you can get started using social media successfully.

So I hope you follow me and begin your journey into the wonderful world of social media.



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